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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beauty tips for skin


Dry skin has a low level of sebum, which is the skin's natural lubricator. As it doesn't have enough sebum, it dries out simply and isn't able to keep the correct amount of moisture required for unblemished skin.

There are various factors causes dry skin. It is commoner in winter when the cold outside and the heat within contribute in drying up the skin.

It could also be due to hot water or tough soaps. Unsatisfactory diet or smoking may also cause or worsen the issue. Dry skin might also be an indication of other conditions, including rash, eczema, ichthyoids, psoriasis, an under active thyroid and diabetes. Dry skin becomes commoner as people age.

Problems Faced by People Having Dry Skin

People with dry skin could find their skin cracks and peels or becomes flaky. Dry skin becomes red, irritated and inflamed after washing. Dry itchy skin is a standard problem for peoples with dry skin. In extraordinary cases, there could be deep fissures that bleed. Dry skin ages quicker than other sorts of skin. Wrinkles and fine lines can frequently become an issue.



Over-active glands cause oily skin, which produce too much sebum. Sebaceous glands produced the sebum. It's required as it helps lubricate your skin and carries away dead skin cells. Too much sebum is being produced when the skin is oily. The skin becomes lifeless and oily and pores may become clogged.

The additional secretion of sebum can be due to many factors. Heredity, diet, contraception tablets and the incorrect cosmetics may all cause oily skin. Hormonal balances can also have an effect on the production of sebum, which is the reason why oily skin is commonly found in youths, pregnant ladies or girls going thru menopause.

Problems Faced by People Having Oily Skin

People with oily skin frequently are afflicted by skin conditions, like marks, acnes, black heads, white heads and spots. Enlarged and clogged pores could be a difficulty.
Oily skin regularly looks lifeless and oily. With the right oily skin treatment, it is feasible to treat such issues.


Beauty tips for hair

  •  Have a good diet which should include plenty of leafy green vegetables and fruits.

  • Henna or mehandi is an easiest way to keep a cool head. It conditions the hair, promotes expansion, protects our hair from the damaging consequences of the sun and also gives a glossy hint. However folks with sinus issues must avoid this. 

  • Use wide toothed brush to get rid of tangles and don't brush wet hair. To dry your hairs avoid using hair dryer. Don't tie your hair firmly.

  • Brush your hair daily employing a brush with rounded tip bristles to enhance blood circulation.
  • Apply paste of gooseberry powder to stop hair graying and falling. In your diet include amla or gooseberry which is good source of vitamin C

  • Apply coconut oil mixed with fresh lemon juice to heal dandruff. This is a good home cure for dandruff. Avoid creamy conditioners when you're having dandruff problem.

  • Soak two big spoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. In the morning, grind it and apply the paste on the scalp and wash it off after 30 minutes to shed dandruff. This natural cure for dandruff is terribly effective. This natural treatment also stops hair fall.

  • Heat coconut oil, turns off the gas when heated, and then adds neem flowers to it. When cooled, filter it and use that oil continually to stop dandruff.

  • Grind white pepper with milk, heat it and use it on the scalp, then wash it off after 15 minutes to heal dandruff.

  • Apply two tbsp of vinegar to the scalp and massage delicately and wash your hair after 15-20 minutes. This natural treatment also cures dandruff.

  • Fenugreek tea isn't just good for the health but also nourishes and promotes hair growth if taken care continually.

  • Cover your hair with a headband or scarf during travel to stop tangles and to guard your hair from dust.

  • Home cure for frizzy hair: Massage warm castor oil + almond oil into your scalp gradually. Wrap a hot towel (dip towel in hot water (acceptable) and squish the excess water) around your scalp so the oil gets soaked up into the hair. For healthy, lustrous hair do this once a week it also control frizz

  • Try to avoid chemical treatment on your hair. You can use Hibiscus flowers and leaves which is good conditioners for the hair. You can grind 2-3 leaves or flowers and use its juice together with your herbal shampoo.

  • Always water down shampoo in a little water and use it. Don't use it at once. Wet your hair first and then apply this watered down shampoo.

  • Mayo is a good conditioner for dry hair. Massage your scalp with mayo and leave it for 30 minutes. Always wash your hair well so that no trace of shampoo is left in the dust.

  • Apply some drops of olive oil to get rid of frizz.

  • Massage your scalp with olive oil using the ends of your fingers. Remain for 30 minutes and wash hair well. This natural treatment is a brilliant conditioning treatment for healthy hair do this once in a week.

  • Dilute three tbsp of lager in a mug of water and use it for the last wash to give your hair a healthy shine.

  • Boil soap nut skin in water, cool it and use that water for the last wash for silky hair.

  • Conditioner for dry hair: Beat an egg well and add half tbsp of olive oil and 0.5 tsp of vinegar to it. Mix well and use it on your scalp and remain for a half hour.

  • Drink 8-9 cups of water daily.

  • Squeeze juice of one lemon in a mug of water and use it for the final wash for oily hair.

  • Take food loaded in protein, essential Tran’s acids, carotenes, iron, silica, zinc, Vitamins E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B to have a healthy head of hair.

  • Exercise for five days each week as it improves blood circulation to your scalp.

Best Food for Hairs

There are certain foods that may be favorable to hair health and promote hair growth.


You need sufficient protein for healthy hair because hair is basically formed by protein. Low-quality protein can end up in feeble, fragile hair or a loss of hair color but possibilities are, if you are attempting to add or maintain muscle, you already eat enough.

Good sources : Chicken, turkey, meat, eggs, low fat dairy (cottage cheese, milk, yogurt)

Low iron levels can cause hair-loss, according to a Cleveland Hospital review. Analysts looked at eleven studies on the link between iron intake and baldness, and came to the conclusion that treating iron deficiency may help re-grow hair.

Good sources : Lean red beef, turkey, egg yolks, dried beans, dried fruit, whole grains


If you have dry hair or just wish to forestall straw-like strands drink more. He endorses the standard 8 glasses a day. Bring a water bottle to work so you do not spend all day refilling your mug at the fountain.


Vitamin B:
-The B vitamins are excellent for hair health and growth. B vitamins are found in protein rich foods and are in charge of good skin health and healthy follicles. To make body more serviceable vitamin B helps break down the protein in your body.

Vitamin C: -Deficiency of vitamin C can make hair dry and puny because vitamin C helps your body absorb iron. You likely take in enough C from your diet, so long as you eat a range of fruit and vegetables daily.

Good sources : leafy greens, Broccoli, green peppers, citrus fruit, strawberries, egg, chicken, beef.


Things you need :
                            1. A clear nail polish.

                           2. A nail polish remover

                        3. An old eye shadow

                     4. A hair pin

                   5. Take a plastic pot that you are willing to through away




Sunday, June 2, 2013


Are u wondering how .?


The beach sand 

Just enjoy yourself in the beach . The sand in the beach makes your legs a super natural manicure.

The beach sand will clean up the foot .
It removes the tanness
Even it reduces the cracks in your knees.
Weekly one visit to the beach will make to get a smooth foot.

                                                                            Try it .. it works :)